Florida Contractors Manual
2009 Edition

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Florida Contractors Manual
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Florida Contractors Manual

Florida Contractors Manual
2009 Edition


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The 2009 edition of the Florida Contractor's Manual is the current official reference when taking the Florida construction and electrical licensing boards State examinations. Current testing questions are derived from this edition.

Publisher: Association of Builders and Contractors
Manufacturer: Association of Builders and Contractors
Manufacturer Item Number: FCM 2009
Format: ringbound

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• Book Tabs to help you find the exam answers quickly! All Florida Contractor Manuals come with basic chapter tabs. Don't be fooled! Our supplemental section tabs are specifically designed to locate areas quickly during the Florida State exam. Pass the Exam!

• Florida State Business and Finance Practice Exam Questions. Our practice tests are written and evaluated by instructors and contractors that have passed the Florida Business exam and focus on what you need to know to be successful.

• Free Practice Questions to help you evaluate your knowledge prior to taking the actual Florida state exam.

• Exam Prep Workshops for both the Florida Electrical and Construction Board's Business and Finance Exams, including Conditioned Air, Building Contractors, Gas Line Specialty, Mechanical, Plumbing, Pool/Spa, Solar, Sheet Metal, Roofing, Underground Utility and Excavation.

• Exam Prep Workshops for the Florida Electrical Technical Exams, including Unrestricted Electrician (EC), Alarms I (EF), Alarms II (EG) and Limited Energy (ES) exams.

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VoltageKing.com is a Premier Electrical and Construction Contractor Bookstore and Exam Prep Workshop Provider.

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Florida Contractors Manual
2009 Edition


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